Middle Ground
Georgia Dickie, Hanna Hur, and Jennifer Rose Sciarrino
April 2nd - May 2nd, 2015

Middle Ground, mixed media, 2015

Georgia Dickie, pool queue, corn kernels, plastic, 2015

Hanna Hur, crayon on canvas, ikea towel rack 2015

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino, looped video, 2015
They and the Incomplete

It seemed logical to them to stop occasionally and think about how they had produced things in the past: “How might we express the in-between states of production that are potentially as relevant as the things we produce?” They deliberated on the usefulness of set design as a method for expressing this: “It would be complicated and contradictory to create a kind of scene that could animate this idea. Why ventriloquize with a completed thing and make it appear as though it possessed the qualities of our in-between acts? Why not commit to our distractions and let our unconcluded acts represent themselves?” They were careful not to fetishize their disparate processes by overemphasizing the stages that usually lead to some kind of product. In this way they worked alongside process: "We've stumbled upon a kind of middle ground. Distinct from compromise, our middle ground is where action and decision appears."

Text by Manden Murphy

Georgia Dickie (b.1989, Toronto, Canada) graduated with a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in 2011. Her work addresses the complexities of contemporary object-based practice, and is characterized by a deep interest in found materials and their inherent limitations. Recent exhibitions include Halsey Mckay, East Hampton; Xippas, Paris; V1 Gallery, Copenhagen; Greene Exhibitions, Los Angeles; Croy Nielsen, Berlin; Cooper Cole, The Power Plant, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto; Oakville Galleries, Oakville; Nudashank, Baltimore. She was the 2014 recipient of the TFVA prize and was the Canada Council for the Arts artist in residence at Acme Studios in London, UK through February 2015. Dickie is represented by Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto, Ontario where she currently lives and works.

Hanna Hur (b.1985, Toronto) has recently exhibited at Shanaynay (Paris 2015), Daniel Faria Gallery (Toronto 2014), Rock512Devil (Baltimore 2014), YYZ Artists' Outlet (Toronto 2013), and Galerie B-312 (Montreal 2012). She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino (born in Toronto, 1983) is a Toronto­ based Canadian artist working in photography, sculpture, video and installation. Using materials and the digital vernacular as a point of departure Sciarrino addresses sculptural objects and the value of materials, and the time and space objects occupy. Sciarrino has exhibited work nationally in a number of group and solo shows. A selection of recent exhibitions include Patterned Recognition solo exhibition (Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, 2014), NADA New York (with Daniel Faria Gallery, 2014), Who's Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green (Dunlop Art Gallery, Saskatchewan, 2014), From Nature (Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, 2013), x,y,z solo exhibition (Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, 2012), trans/FORM (The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, 2012) and To What Does This Sweet Cold Earth Belong? (The Power Plant, Toronto, 2011). In 2013 Sciarrino was one of the winners of the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts, artist award.