Parker Kay
Parker Kay
September 3rd - November 3rd, 2015

Parker Kay, steel lightswitch, plexiglass, 2015

Parker Kay, laser-etched plexiglass, aluminum conduit, 2015

Parker Kay , laser-etched plexiglass, 2015

Parker Kay, laser-etched plexiglass, 2015

Parker Kay

I'm not sure what flipping a structure would reveal. We already know what's there anyway. I'm most interested in your idea of the singular perspective. In a way this is more revealing, as an alternative structure, a non-physical structure, or a social paradigm. Right? Things ultimately become flat. The physical flip may only hint that this structure should be thought of in this way. Or maybe it should only be thought of as a mute marker. - Manden Murphy

Parker Kay​ is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator currently working in Toronto, Canada. Kay’s practice investigates the systems and structures that operate within art, architecture, and media theory. Much of Kay’s work responds to an Internet-aware culture, while also exploring the effects of Network Culture, digital embodiment, and archival practices.