Dana Slijboom, Laura McCoy, and Danielle Bessada
December 11th - January 11th, 2015

Worksss, Dana Slijboom, Laura McCoy, Danielle Bessada, 2014

Dana Slijboom, oil on canvas, 2014

Laura McCoy, foam, wood filler, transparency, 2014

Danielle Bessada, latex, acrylic paint, floor board, sponge, 2014


What if there was an adhesive strong enough to hold worksss fixed to the side of a high-speed train as it hurtled through space? And if the adhesive held and the train roared on uninterrupted, would the worksss deteriorate? And at what rate? Perhaps the best critics could determine exactly how far and how fast the worksss had traveled, through careful analysis of their decomposition. Suppose the train ripped past a car full of suburbanites. Would the worksss look like someone had adhered a blurry pile to the side of a high-speed train? Is this how our worksss are to compete with their digital counterparts in the dynamic game of dissemination? No, of course not. The file format of our worksss travel and blur and pixelate so the worksss themselves don’t have to. Competing against a file with endless potential contexts and iterations is goonish at best. After all, it’s we who disseminate and pixelate with every drink, no? Constantly running around from space to space, city to city, country to country, following the worksss and tipping the interns at every bar. In a sense our worksss mock this kind of voluntary dissemination with its crappy stillness, continuously in one place at a time.

Exhibition text by Manden Murphy

Laura McCoy lives and works in Toronto. Her work spans a variety of media including drawing, sculpture, installation, and performance and has been included in various group shows, including showing work with Soi Fischer (Toronto), The Power Plant (Toronto), Mercer Union (Toronto), The Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) and as part of the monthly performance show, Doored, organized by Life of a Craphead. She has performed at the AGO (Toronto) and enjoyed solo shows at Xpace (Toronto) and ESP (Toronto.) She holds a BFA in Sculpture and Installation from OCADU. She is the Art Director for the upcoming feature film "Bugs", directed by Life of a Craphead, which is set to premier in January 2015 at Western Front in Vancouver.

Having studied and exhibited in Amsterdam for five years, Dana Slijboom currently resides in Toronto. Working primarily in screen-printing and painting, Slijboom finds solace and humour in exploiting the artificial.

Danielle Bessada (B.1989) holds a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has exhibited her work at The Power Plant (Toronto), XPACE (Toronto) and Butcher Gallery (Toronto). Bessada primarily works with sculpture and mixed media. Currently lives and works in Hamilton, On.